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Stan Dwight is the half-brother of Elton John. We all know about Elton John who is a famous music personality of all times. Elton is a pop music legend, British singer, pianist and also song composer. His musical talent made him one of the most famous personalities of the 20th century. After  Elton’s biopic was released that included all his family members including his father’s second marriage and his half-siblings. Stan Dwight is one of his siblings whose life was not a happening story for the media, still being related to Elton John had him come to the limelight.


Stan Dwight was born in the UK. He was born in the state of Ilford, Essex, England. He was born in 1964. Now, he is 59 years old. His gender is male.


Resources say that he is a well-educated person. But his educational details are not available anywhere. But it is anticipated that he has degrees in accounting as he is an accountant now by profession.


Stan Dwight’s father was Stanley Dwight and his mother was Edna Dwight. Stanley Dwight was born on 24 January 1925. He was from his father’s second marriage. Stanley previously married Sheila Eileen Dwight (1925-2017). From that marriage, Stan has a half-brother named Elton John, who is the greatest musician, pianist and song composer. Stan Dwight is the grandchild of Ellen Shirley and Edwin Dwight. Stan also had three biological siblings – Geoff, Simon and Robert. Robert was born in 1965, Geoff was born in 1966 and Simon was born in 1969. Geoff lived from hand to mouth though he is now working as a software engineer, Simon is a civil engineer and Robert works for lottery operator.

Though Stan has preferred to live a private life, there was news coming out of his father and half-brother. His father Stanley Dwight and his half-brother Elton didn’t have a good relationship. Stanely Dwight Wikipedia has a lot of information about it. Though Stanely was a very good father to three of his siblings, he was not a good father to Elton John according to the information Elton shared with the media. He neglected him and didn’t show affection. Elton shared that Stanley was always an absentee father in his life, Stanley also didn’t support John’s decision to support the music industry. Stanley divorced John’s mother and remarried Edna. John and Stanley couldn’t reconcile and Stanley died while suffering from heart disease. He died in December 1991, in Chesire, United Kingdom. Stanley was 66 years old at that time. John did not attend his father’s funeral and shared that his father died a long time ago for him.

About Rocketman:

Rocketman is a musical biopic, which is based upon the life story of the British singer and musician Elton John. It was released on DVD on August 27th, 2019. In Rocketman, the not-so-good relationship between the father-son duo is shown. Also shows that Sheila Dwight divorced Stanley for another man, Fred Farebrother, who was a supportive father to John. Stanley is last seen walking away from their house without saying a last goodbye to his son. After that, Stanley Dwight had a better marriage with a woman named Edna and had four kids. Stan Dwight is one of them. Stanley is portrayed by Steven Mackintosh, who is an English actor in Rocketman. “Don’t be soft”-these three words define the father-son relationship in Rocketman.


Stan Dwight seems to be a private person as he has kept his relationships, affairs, and marriages away from the media. It is said that he is married and has kids but there is no proper information found about them. But he accepted publicly in front of the media that his half-brother is bisexual and he is also quite comfortable being gay.


Stan is an accountant by profession. He runs his own consultancy now. Previously, he was the International Financial Controller of the record company Chrysalis, part of the senior management team behind stars like Robbie Williams.


In conclusion, we can understand that though Stan lived a private life and didn’t share any information or update about his life, he still became a popular personality because of being the half-brother of Elton John. Elton John’s biopic had his name of it which made the media curious to know about him.


  • He is very good at playing the piano.
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