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Majida Hyatt, an American Palastine artist, is a surviving woman. Majida Hyatt is also the sister of Mohammad Hadid, the famous real estate developer in America. Majida was coming from Palastine. A talented famous artist in America who is from Palestine refugee camp. But made her name and fame by her work.

Wiki Bio of  Majida Hadid Hyatt

Majida Hadid Hyatt American Palestine artist was born in 1952,8th February. Majida died in 2018, 16th March at 66 age. She comes from a Muslim background family. Majida’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.


Majida Hyatt received her painting instruction at the Vander Zee School of Painting. She went to the Corcoran Gallery of Art as well.

Family (Parents & Siblings)

Anwar and Khairiah Hadid are Majida’s parents, who live in Damascus, Syria. Her siblings are Ghada, Sana, Maha, Majid, Mohamed, Raida, and Mahmoud. She has three brothers and four sisters. Majida was born in Syria, and the family that had taken refuge with them lost their house. Before settling in the United States, her family resided in a number of different locations. Majida Hyatt arrived in the US with her parents and seven siblings when she was thirteen years old.

Majida Hadid Husband, Affairs

Majida Hyatt was a married woman. She had two children together: a son named Nabeel Hyatt and a daughter named Deena Hyatt. Majida Hyatt was married to David Hyatt. Her 43-year marriage to her spouse survives her. Magida traveled widely with her husband David, demonstrating her true multiculturalism. They had been married for 43 years when she passed away. Majida was a painter who used to travel the world, capturing her observations on canvas.

Majida resided in Bangkok and London before coming back to the US in her latter years to live near her family in California.


Majida Hyatt was a painter, as was previously reported, and several of her paintings were purchased by galleries and individual art buyers. Some of her collections, meanwhile, were still kept in her house. She left a legacy as a painter and served as an inspiration to her kids. She studied at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and the Vander Zee School of Painting in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, immediately establishing herself as a prodigious talent. Both galleries and individual collectors purchased her artwork. With the largest collection of artwork, the most significant gallery is still housed in her exquisite home, where she left behind an incredible legacy.

Body measurement

We don’t know about her body measurement.


Though Majida Hyaat is an artist, she has much worth. But it was always hidden from social media.


On March 16, 2018, Majida Hyatt passed away in her Walnut Creek home, surrounded by her loved ones. Majida appears to have been ill, even though her family members never disclosed the reason for her passing. She was sixty-six years old when she passed away. She had a verve de vivre and lived life to the fullest. Magida was a firecracker with bright energy, sharp wit, and a compassionate heart who was fearless in the face of adversity. She was completely authentic, exuding joy, slicing through platitudes, and making people laugh all the time. A kindred spirit encouraging friends, relatives, and total strangers to pursue unconventional lives while preserving traditions.

Unknown Facts

Majida was the sister of Mohammad Hadid, the billionaire real estate developer in America. And Aunt of Bela and Gigi Hadid.

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