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Mr. Mahmud Hadid the multinational billionaire who made a deliberate investment in Greece, specifically in Rhodes and Larissa. Who is the brother of Mohammad Hadid a well-known rich real estate business developer in America?

Mahmoud Hadid is a unique personality with a variety of skills, including the capacity for reasonable decision-making, dedication to objective goals, goal accomplishment, and situational adaptation. He is adept at interacting with his surroundings.

Mahmoud Hadid bio

Mahmoud Al Hadid who was born in Palestine, arrived in Greece between 1960 and 1970. The multinational billionaire Mr. Mahmud Hadid made a deliberate investment in Greece, specifically in Rhodes and Larissa. He loved the island because of his family’s history there and saw Rhodes as having great potential. shook.

Mahmoud Hadid Age

We didn’t the exact birthdate of Mahmoud Hadid. But it is said that he was born in 1954 and now his age is 70 years old.

Mahmoud Hadid Education

Mahmoud Hadid attended the College Pinewood International School in Thessaloniki after studying at the Institute Monte Rosa in Montreux, Switzerland, from 1969 to 1971. His relationship with Greece was formed, as the attraction was clear.

Mahmoud Hadid Family

Mahmoud Hadid is the son of Anwar Mohammad Hadid, Khairiah. born in Nazareth, the Christian holy city. While attending Syria, academics, and legal studies, his father studied to become a teacher at Jerusalem College. He was an English teacher in a Palestine college, working for the British authorities. Anwar relocated to Syria in 1948 and began working for the VOA and the US Information Services system. Mohammad Hadid, Majid Hadid is his younger brother And Majida Hyatt, Raida Al-Hassan, Sana Hadid, Ghada Harnden, and Maha Matar are his five sisters. With refugee status, the family left for Tunisia when Mahmoud was only 3 years old. When he was fifteen years old in 1969, his father, Anwar Hadid, who worked for the US government, was sent to the island of Rhodes where he was employed by a reputable, long-standing corporation.

Mahmoud Hadid’s Wife, Affairs

Mahmoud Hadid maintains privacy. So we couldn’t find much about his relationship.

Mahmoud Hadid Career

During the raging hostilities in Iran and Iraq in 1979, Mahmoud Hadid began his career. Twelve years later, in 1991, he returned to Rhodes while the Gulf War was raging in Kuwait. He is a representative of the pressing machines used in various nations to remove “dregs” and other debris from refineries. He was successful in cleaning public buildings after the Iraqis invaded Kuwait since, by departing, they set fire to everything. Services company with locations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Arab Emirates. Because he spends so much time in the air, the plane serves as his second home.

Mahmoud Hadid received recognition from the City of Rhodes, especially from Mayor Fotis Hatzidiakos. This was done naturally, not only because he is a frequent visitor to the island but also because of his love for the area and the investments he has made and will continue to make to fulfill his genuine desire to spend several months here each year.

Mahmoud Hadid’s physical appearance

It is unknown to us. We couldn’t find much. But at the age of Seventy, He is still now strong.

Mahmoud Hadid’s Net Worth

We couldn’t find the accurate net worth of Hadid. But it is known that he is a billionaire.


Hadid Mahmoud is famous for his multifaceted personality, he aspires to be a man among us. People’s desire for collectivism has always been the essence of a charismatic leader, after all. For his contribution, to assisting as many Rodians as possible, and to kindly bringing comfort and happiness to those around him

Mahmoud Hadid loved Rhodes and Larissa because of his family’s history.

Unknown Interesting Facts

Mahmoud Hadid is a positive-minded person. When people show the fake, Mahmoud Hadid believes, it will be real.

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