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Fahima Daher is the great-grandmother of America’s famous models Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid. Also, Fahima daher is the grandmother of America’s developer businessman Mohammad Hadid. This Hadid family came to America from Palestine around the time of the 1947–1949 Palestine War.

In this post, We will know about Fahima Dayer’s Biography and More.

Wiki Bio

We do not know about Fahima Dafer’s birthday and birthplace but his daughter Khairiah Hadid was born in Palestine, we assume Fahima Taher is a Muslim resident of Palestine. Fahima dafer was a practician Muslim and his religion was Islam.

Full Name Fahima Daher
Birthplace Palestine
Date Of birth date Unknown
Religion Islam
Nationality Palestine
Gender Female
Spouses Tawfiq Dafer
Daughter Khairiah Dafer Hadid
Grand Child Mohamed Hadid
Mahmoud Hadid
Majida Hyatt
Raida Al-Hassan
Sana Hadid
Ghada Harnden
Maha Matar
Majid Hadid
Great Grand Child Bella Hadid,
Anwar Hadid,
Gigi Hadid,
Marielle Hadid,
Alana Hadid,
Great Great Grand Child Coco Afalo
Colton Afalo
Khai Hadid Malik


We do not have much information about Fahima Dafer’s education.


Fahima Dafer married a Palestinian citizen  Muslim man named Tawfiq Dafer. We don’t have any information about their children only we know about their daughter Khairiah Hadid who married Anwar Mohamed Hadid.


We could not find any information about Fahima dafer’s career. But we guess she was the ideal housewife.


We could not find any information about Fahima Dafer’s death. Finally, we can say that Fahima Dafer’s progeny has grown into a distinguished family in America today, each of whom has become famous in their respective professions as well as devoting themselves to human service. In this case, I can say that he has been recognized as a successful person.

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