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Do you know the name of Shiva Safai? Shiva Safai who is known for Mohammad Hadid’s fiance. She is a famous entrepreneur, model and television personality in America. Everyone knows her for her role E! In this reality show, Shiva was the second club woman.

Shiva is the woman who declined to join the Real House Wives Beverly Hills. And she did it when she met with her fiance Mohammad Hadid, a well-known real estate developer in America. Shiva chose the second women’s club because she thought it was right for her.

Shiva Safai bio

Shiva Safai came to the limelight when she engaged with Mohammad Hadid, who made a lot of money and fame from her constructions. But before met Hadid Shiva was not popular with her modeling work. Another thing is made her popular when Bel Air and Beverly Hills for building large mention and luxurious hotels.

Shiva Safai Age

Shiva was born in Iran on 26 Aug 1980. Her Age is now 44 years old but Shiva still looks young. Shiva’s zodiac sign is Virgo. Safai was born into an Aryan household as well. In terms of religion, Shiva is a Muslim.

Shiva Safai Education

Shiva Safai is graduated. But her real school name and college didn’t reveal yet.

Shiva Safai Family

Shiva is an Iranian Lady. And Shiva belongs muslim family. But her parent’s names are unknown. At nineteen, she went to Los Angeles, California, with her family. Shahin and Shayan, her two brothers, are both employed as fitness instructors.

Shiva Safai Boyfriend, Affairs

Niels Houweling is Shiva Safai’s recent lover. They are currently Shiva safai houweling couple. In 2019, the Shiva Safai houweling couple started dating. Besides that, Niels Houweling is a Dutch DJ and music producer.

Shiva Safai Bio

Mohamad Hadid, an American real estate developer, was Safai’s previous partner. Similarly, Safari and Hadid started dating in 2014. Real estate developer Mohamed Hadid is extremely successful and possesses a number of lavish residences and hotels. However, in 2019, Shiva and Hadid decided to separate. But the major cause of their breakup is still a secret to the public.

Shiva Safai’s husband and children

Before met with Mohammad Hadid Shiva Safai was married. But it is unknown to us and we could not identify the name of her previous husband name. Shiva married Mohammad Hadid when he had five children. But Shiva has no baby yet. After breaking up with Mohammad Hadid she dates Houweling.

Shiva Safai Career

Shiva Safai started her career as an Norwegian actress and model in Iran. In addition, Shiva is a model, businesswoman, and TV personality. Similar to this, Safai became well-known after participating in the reality television program “Second Wives Club. The reality program made its E Network debut on May 4, 2017. The personal and professional experiences of a small number of women who marry wealthy businessmen as second or third wives are the basis of the Second Wives Club. Safai goes by the popular nickname “Mohadid’s fiancée.

Shiva Safai’s physical appearance

Shiva Safai has a good appearance. Shiva is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. And weight is 61 kg. Shiva’s Hair color is dark brown and her eyes is brown.

Shiva Safai Net Worth

Shiva Safai’s esteemed net worth is 3 million dollars.


Shiva Safai a Norwegian actress and TV personality got famous when she engaged with rich developer Mohammad Hadid. Mohammad Hadid a well-known real estate businessman, got married to Shiva in 2014. But their relationship didn’t take longer time. Shiva and Mohammad broke up with each other and Shiva got engaged with a producer. Before making this relationship with Hadid and Houweling Shiva was married.

Unknown Interesting Facts

Shiva’s birthplace is Iran but she was brought in Norway. And Shiva is Indo-European ethnic. Shiva’s current boyfriend is 13 years junior than her.

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