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Since 2019, American politician Ilhan Abdullahi Omar has represented Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District in Congress. She belongs to the Minnesota Democratic Party’s affiliate, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL). 

Omar worked as a community organizer and an immigrant and refugee advocate after receiving his degree from college. She was also employed at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota as a policy fellow. Omar was selected to join the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2016. As the first Somali-American elected to a state legislature in the country, Omar Omar was selected to the US House of Representatives in 2018. Omar is the first Somali-American woman and Muslim elected to Congress. Omar not only serves Somali but also is a member of the House Judiciary Committee as well as the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Omar has defended her record, stating that she is dedicated to the pursuit of equality and justice for all.

Wiki Bio

Born on October 4, 1982 (age 41 years), in Mogadishu, Somalia. Ilhan Omar belongs to a Muslim family. Ilhan nationality is American. Ilhan Omar’s Zodiac sign is Libra.


Ilhan Abdullahi Omar has a Bachelor of Arts in political science and a Bachelor of Science in international studies from North Dakota State University. She was also a Policy Fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Here is a brief overview of her educational background:

  • 1991: Fled the civil war in Somalia with her family and spent four years in a refugee camp in Kenya.
  • 1995: Immigrated to the United States and settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • 2001: Graduated from Thomas Edison High School in Minneapolis.
  • 2006-2009: Worked as a community nutrition educator at the University of Minnesota.
  • 2011: Graduated from North Dakota State University with a BA in political science and a BS in international studies.
  • 2012-2013: Worked as a child nutrition outreach coordinator at the Minnesota Department of Education.
  • 2013-2015: Served as a senior policy aide to Minneapolis City Council Member Andrew Johnson.

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Family (parents & siblings)

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar belongs to a Somalia Sunni family. Ilhan has six elder sisters including Sahra Noor. 

Ilhan Omar’s family fled Somalia to escape themself from the civil war.  Omar’s family lived for four years in a Dadaab refugee camp in Garissa County, which is situated in Kenya, near the Somali border. In 1995, they landed in New York after eventually obtaining refuge in the United States. Following a spell of time spent in Arlington, Virginia, they relocated to Minneapolis, where Omar’s father was employed first as a post office worker and then as a cab driver.

 Omar has described her family as being very important to her, and she credits them with helping her to achieve her success.

Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar
Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar

Here are Ilhan Omar’s family details:

  • Father: Nur Omar Mohamed, a Somali army colonel and teacher trainer.
  • Mother: Fadhuma Abukar Haji Hussein, a Benadiri who passed away when Ilhan was two years old.
  • Grandfather: Abukar, who was the director of Somalia’s National Marine Transport.
  • Numerous uncles and aunts who worked as civil servants and educators.
  • Her sister Sahra Noor is living in the US. She is a healthcare executive.

Personal Life

Ilham Oma is married and has three children; two daughters and a son. Ilhan Omar’s husband’s name is Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. But her marriage life is not smooth. In 2002 Ilham Omar married her first husband, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi. They had two children together, a daughter Isra, and a son Adnan. But they had separate according to Islamic protocol.

In 2009, Omar married British citizen Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. This marriage also could not survive. In 2011, their marriage ended in a religious divorce. After one year In 2012, she settled with Hirsi, with her third child. Ilhan Omar’s daughter’s name is Ilwad.

Is Ilhan Omar married to her brother?

No, Ilhan Omar and her brother are not wed. The claim has been extensively refuted by fact-checkers such as PolitiFact and Snopes. The idea that Omar ever wed her brother is unsupported by facts, and she has flatly refuted the accusations.

It seems that the anonymous post on a 2016 internet forum for Somali Americans is when the suspicions started. According to the article, Omar’s second spouse, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, was her brother, and she wed him to assist him in getting a green card under pretenses. Nevertheless, no news organization has been able to independently verify these assertions, and there is no proof to back them up.


Ilhan Omar has had an incredible career in public service, distinguished by her steadfast dedication to social justice and her support of underrepresented groups. Her path, which started when she had to flee Somalia’s civil war, has made her a groundbreaking figure in American politics.

Community Activism and Political Engagement:

Omar got started in community organizing at a young age. She volunteered with several groups that promoted the rights and assimilation of immigrants and refugees into American society. Her commitment to social justice earned her a position as a policy fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Omar entered the political sphere in 2012, managing Kari Dziedzic’s campaign for the Minnesota State Senate reelection. Working as a child nutrition outreach coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Education allowed her to stay involved in local politics.

Omar, who represents a portion of Minneapolis, launched her historic campaign for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2016. She was elected, making history as the first American Somali-American to hold a state legislature position. She promoted progressive causes during her term, concentrating on problems related to social justice, healthcare, and education.

When Omar was chosen to represent Minnesota’s 5th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018, her political career reached new heights. With this accomplishment, the first elected Muslim woman Omar, to Congress as well as the first Somali-American.

It is saying that Omar has defended her record, nevertheless and her remarks were meant for the Israeli government rather than the Jewish people.

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Body measurement

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s age is 41 years old.   The eye color is black. Height is 5 feet 6 inches and Weight 114 lbs. Ilhan Omar’s hair is dark brown, and she covers her hair. Ilhan Omar’s body measurement is 34-26-35.


Ilhan Omar’s net worth is 2 million USD, and her annual income is 125 dollars.


Ilhan Omar is a community leader and the first Muslim woman who served Somalia. If you go through Omar’s professional background, bears witness to her steadfast commitment to social justice. And Omar has faith in the persuasiveness of representation. Omar faces so many obstacles but motivates many people. She demonstrates that everyone can realize their objectives regardless of upbringing or environment. Omar is still fighting for everyone to lead a better future and serving as a ray of hope for underrepresented populations in the US House of Representatives.

Unknown Facts

Omar is active on all social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Ilhan Omar’s Instagram username is @ilhanmn with 1.4 million followers and has 2.9+ million followers on Twitter under the username @IlhanMN.

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