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Humza Haroon Yousaf is a Scottish politician. He is the First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) since March 2023. His political career began in 2011 when he was elected Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) at the age of 26. Quickly rising through the ranks, he held various ministerial positions, including Minister for Justice and Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care. These roles showcased his strategic thinking, commitment to social justice, and unwavering focus on improving lives. After serving as a regional MSP for Glasgow from 2011 to 2016, Haroon Yousaf has been a Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Glasgow Pollok since 2016. Between 2018 until 2021, he worked as the justice secretary for his predecessor, Nicola Sturgeon. thereafter from 2021 to 2023 as health secretary.

Yousaf was named First Minister and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in March 2023.

Yousaf’s historic moment marked a new era for Scotland, with Yousaf leading the charge on issues like independence, economic prosperity, and social equity. His leadership style is characterized by pragmatism, a willingness to listen to diverse perspectives, and a strong sense of compassion. Beyond politics, Yousaf is a devoted husband and father of two, balancing his public duties with his family life. His faith and family have played a crucial role in shaping his values and motivating him to work tirelessly for a better Scotland.

Wiki Bio

Humza Haroon Yousaf is the full name of Humza, and his nickname is Haroon. The zodiac sign of Humza Yousaf is Aries. Yousaf ethnicity is from a Pakistan Punjabi Muslim family.


Yousaf Humza attended Mearns Primary School in East Renfrewshire. Yousaf was one of two ethnic-minority pupils to attend his primary school. Humza then attended Hutchesons’ Grammar School, an independent school in Glasgow. In this school, Humza was privately educated. Yousaf was inspired to become involved in politics during Modern Studies lessons. 

Humza Yousaf graduated In 2007, with a Master of Arts (MA) from the University of Glasgow. Yousaf was President of the Glasgow University Muslim Students Association the university. He played an active role in student politics and co-founded a program that provided food packages to asylum seekers in Glasgow.

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Family (parents & siblings)

Humza Yousaf is the son of first-generation Pakistani-Punjabi Muslim Rajput immigrants. His father’s name is Mian Muzaffar Yousaf who was born in Mian Channu, Punjab, Pakistan, and emigrated from the city with his family in the 1960s. Eventually, he worked as an accountant.

His paternal grandfather worked in the Singer sewing machine factory in Clydebank in the 1960s. Yousaf’s mother, Shaaista Bhutta, was born in Nairobi, Kenya, to a family of Pakistani-Punjabi descent. Her family was of non-African background. For that reason, her family was regularly harassed and occasionally assaulted. Finally, they emigrated to Scotland.

Personal Life

Yousaf Humza dedicates his personal life to family and community. He is a devout Muslim and practices his faith openly, making him a positive role model for young Muslims across Scotland. When not fulfilling his public duties, he enjoys spending time with his family and indulging his passion for motorcycles. Yousaf first married Gail Lythgoe, a former SNP worker from 2010 to 2016. In 2019, he married Nadia El-Nakla. Humza Yousaf’s wife is a psychotherapist and politician of Palestinian descent. They have two daughters and reside in the Dundee suburb of Broughty Ferry.

Yousaf is a strong supporter of LGBT rights. About equality in marriage and homosexual sex, Humza raised his voice, that he believes that people’s marriage, if they are gay, and they are married, that their marriage is no more worth less than his marriage as a heterosexual individual. So no, he doesn’t subscribe to that view (that gay sex is a sin).”


Yousaf is the first minister of Scotland as an Asian and Muslim. But did he become successful in one day? Scotland’s first minister Humza Yousaf, was inspired to get involved in politics during his school life.  Let’s see his whole journey shortly.

He worked so many things in his university life. After graduating from the University of Glasgow with a Master’s in Politics, he started working as a Parliamentary Assistant in 2007. He was elected as Scotland’s first Muslim MSP in 2007. Yusuf served as Parliamentary Assistant to Bashir Ahmad until Ahmad’s death two years later.

After Ahmad, Humza worked as a parliamentary assistant to several other MSPs. Yousaf worked with Alex Salmond, then First Minister, Anne McLaughlin, and Nicola Sturgeon. In 2009, Humza Yousaf received the “Future Power of Politics” honor at the Young Scottish Minority Ethnic Awards.

In May 2011 at the age of 25., Youssef was elected to represent Glasgow in the Scottish Parliament. Humza was the youngest MSP elected to the Scottish Parliament. Haroon Yousaf was also joined to the Public Audit and Justice Oversight Committee. In the same year on May 25, Humza was also appointed to the Office of the First Minister. Then Humza joined until 4 September 2012 and served as Parliamentary Liaison Officer there.  As a  Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Yousaf was appointed on 5 September 2012, following Alex Salmond’s first major cabinet reshuffle in the current legislative session.

Yusuf is known as socially progressive. He is a follower of his predecessor Nicola Sturgeon and wants to work for socially progressive policies. It formed a major part of his leadership election campaign in March 2023. Finally, he was successfully elected leader of the Scottish National Party.

Timeline of Humza Yousaf’s Career:

2007: Works as a parliamentary assistant for Bashir Ahmad, MSP

2011: Elected as MSP for the Glasgow region

2012: Appointed Minister for External Affairs and International Development

2016: Re-elected as MSP for the Glasgow Pollok constituency

2016: Appointed Minister for Transport

2018: Appointed Cabinet Secretary for Justice

2021: Appointed Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care

2023: Elected Leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland


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Body measurement

Humza Yusuf is 38 years old and has a black eye. His height is 6″ 1′ and his weight is about 70 kg. But his body measurement is not published.


Yusuf’s net worth to be between £1 and £5 million. According to the source, a Scottish Government minister’s salary is £94,821, which includes an MSP standard wage and an additional £30,351.


Humza Haroon Yousaf is one of the most well-known politicians. As an Asian Muslim, he is the first person to be appointed to a government department in Scotland. He strongly emphasized the promotion of human well-being through the purpose of wealth tax to save money. Yousaf supported the introduction of a deposit refund scheme and also spoke out about the living crisis.

Unknown Facts

We do not know more about Humza Yousaf’s unknown facts. Humza Yousaf’s Instagram followers are 51.3k.

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